how to make it after the honeymoon phase?

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So you tied the knot, got hitched, put on the ole ball 'n chain..Congratulations. Now I know it seems like it was just yesterday that you said the "I do"s but in all reality its been a while. Roughly a year in fact and now you are starting to notice your once upon a time has taken a bumpy road to something your not quite sure about. Well don't go running off to the marriage counselors yet, there is good news. Most couples find that a year to 18 months after the wedding the "lust goggles" come off and you start seeing things you might not have realized before. That stage of euphoric happy, lovie can do no wrong, thinking is referred to as the honeymoon phase. This, my significant other can do no wrong and out life is as perfect as it gets, phase is the stage in which love really does blind you. Now this doesn't happen to everyone but to the ones that it does happen to it can come as quite a shock to realize certain aspects about your significant other and even yourself.This is where you really start learning about getting along with each other, learning all those little quirks that you cant stand have been there all along. The way they chew their food, or say ya know at the end of every sentence...before your honeymoon brain muted these things but now its come into a sharper focus. The good news is its normal and the key to getting threw it is simple, keep an open mind and a clear line of communication. Being in a relationship with another human being is like a business arrangement, but you get paid in care and affection in one sort of another. In any good arrangement you should always be open and honest with one another and always ALWAYS communicate clearly. Never assume that the end of this phase is the end of your happily ever after it is just a new once upon a time. You will begin to learn threw trial and error, and trust me their can be a lot of error, how to adapt and compromise in this new phase of life.This is where you have to work a little harder and fight a little stronger but it pays up in the end. Every relationship has its ups and downs, compromise is a two way street, and true love always wins, so ladies and gents remember their is love after the honeymoon phase just a pure unedited version that you might not find to be 100% satisfactory but with the proper love and nurturing threw honesty and communication you can grow a strong and mighty life with the lady or gent that you are with. No it won't ever be perfect but it will be what the two of you are most happy with. Always remember to keep your mind and mouth open, no ideas a bad idea and their opinion and thoughts should be heard and valued as such. Your happily ever after is out there it didn't end when that phase did, that is when it truly began.

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